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Married Men/Women Stay Away From The IF I WERE YOU

They may mean well but their advice can be poisonous for your MESSAGE

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"LADIES DRESS DECENTLY" One young lady arrived at a meeting wearingclothes that were quite revealing her body parts.Here is what the Boss told her:He took a good look at her and made her sit.Then he said something she will neverforget in her whole life.He looked at her straight in the eyes andsaid;"Lady, everything that God… Continue reading “LADIES DRESS DECENTLY”

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Beware of marrying five types of Women

Five Types Of Women You Should Beware Of Married Them1. Annānah (ﺃ ) : means a woman who is known for a lot of moaning and complaining. She is not pleased with anything at all. Nothing Impresses her. She is hardly ever satisfied with her husband. From the time the husband enters (and) until he… Continue reading Beware of marrying five types of Women