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Asalaam alaikum Our dua for today

Alhamdulillah For Been Alive Our dua for today isO ALLAH! Render us among the nearest of those who seek nearest to You and the most illustrious of those who turn to You and the most successful of those who ask from You and beseech You. Aameen!O ALLAH! Render us among those who seek Your mercy… Continue reading Asalaam alaikum Our dua for today

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"LADIES DRESS DECENTLY" One young lady arrived at a meeting wearingclothes that were quite revealing her body parts.Here is what the Boss told her:He took a good look at her and made her sit.Then he said something she will neverforget in her whole life.He looked at her straight in the eyes andsaid;"Lady, everything that God… Continue reading “LADIES DRESS DECENTLY”