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Beware of marrying five types of Women

Five Types Of Women You Should Beware Of Married Them

1. Annānah (ﺃ ) : means a woman who is known for a lot of moaning and complaining. She is not pleased with anything at all. Nothing Impresses her. She is hardly ever satisfied with her husband. From the time the husband enters (and) until he leaves, he is under her groaning/moaning and complaining. This is the type of woman Prophets Abraham Ibrahim told his son Ismail to divorce her sharp.

2. Hannānah (ﺡ ) : the scholars say this is a woman that craves for another husband because her current husband isn’t like the other men, meaning; she reminds her husband of the favour of her being (married to him) and she always says to him : I don’t know why I married a man like u? “Is my type of woman even supposed to be with (the likes of) you?! “. “My kind are supposed to be with such and such type of men not u…”. Every time she looks at him she says : ” my fortune is wretched because my kind is to be married to such and such type (of man but not u)”.

3. Haddāqah: she is the one that looks at everything with desire and seeks to acquire it. When she goes home, she goes to her husband with grief-stricken face (saying) “Maa Shaa Allaah, so and so has such and such, and so and so has (this or that) whilst I am poor, ah I also want some, I want to be like this and that”. When she goes to the market places, she desires to purchase everything.

4. Barrāqah: this one is too preoccupied with herself away from her husband and her own house. Nothing is of importance to her except herself and how she will dress and look for people to admire her. She is overly engaged with herself, her beauty and her personal affairs away from her husband and her house. We can safely say (about her) as they say today: ‘Selfish wifey asap.

5. Shaddāqah: she is the type that is always ranting; she is always speaking and rarely quiet.” This is parrot wifey.. if her husband speak two words she will speak hundred words at once.