What is ruqya and how is it done?

What ruqya means and how it’s done in islam?

Ruqya means healing in Arabic and it is the term used when one is possessed by a jinn or under black magic.

One recites some verses of Qur’an to heal himself from these magic.
Ruqya is the sunnah of the prophet s a.w as he s.a.w once did ruqya on himself when afflicted with black magic

Jibril a.s came and taught him the verses of Qur’an, ikhlas, falaq and nnas which us recited three times each before the magic was destroyed.
Black magic exist and jinns because the Qur’an talked of it.
Surah 2;102,
They follow what the devils instigated on the throne of suleyman, but suleyman did not disbelieve but the jinns disbelieve teaching men magic..
Jinns also exist as Allah said Satan was part of them in surah kahf.
There are two types of jinns. We have the kaafirun and the muslimuun.
Some verses of ruqya are the two last verses of surah baqarah 2;285-86.
Again surah baqarah 2;102.
Surah taha 20:1-20.
Surah jinn,
Surah ikhlas, falaq and nnas.
And fatiha too is a ruqya.
Saed bin khudri r.a made ruqya on a king and he was healed. He recited fatiha and rubbed to the place he was infected.
May Allah protects us from jinns and magic. Amen


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