Night Du’ah By Mufti Menk

Night Du'a May Allah record my name and your name and the names of our families amongst those who will be forgiven to enter the highest stage of Jannah. May we belong to those whom Allah say: "peace be with you"Ammeen ya Allah

Supplication at the start of the prayer

Supplication At The Start Of The Prayer

  Supplication Before Stating The Prayer Recite at least one from the above اللَّهُـمَّ باَعِـدْ بَيْـنِي وَبَيْنَ خَطَـاياَيَ كَماَ باَعَدْتَ بَيْنَ المَشْرِقِ وَالمَغْرِبْ، اللَّهُـمَّ نَقِّنِـي مِنْ خَطَاياَيَ كَمـَا يُـنَقَّى الثَّـوْبُ الأَبْيَضُ مِنَ الدَّنَسْ، اللَّهُـمَّ اغْسِلْنِـي مِنْ خَطَايـَايَ بِالثَّلـجِ وَالمـَاءِ وَالْبَرَدِ O Allah, separate me from my sins as You have separated the East from the… Continue reading Supplication At The Start Of The Prayer

Islamic lessons, life lessons

Always Loved Your Mother Because You Would Never Get Another

Do you really love your mom A 16 year old boy ask his Mom: “Mom, what are you going to get me for my 18th birthday ?? The Mother answers, “son that’s still a long way” The boy turns 17 & one day he went into comma. His Mom took him to the hospital &… Continue reading Always Loved Your Mother Because You Would Never Get Another

Admonish, beautiful Remembrance, the sign of tears


THE SIGN OF TEARS IN ISLAM We all remember when we were younger, our lovely mothers will say when they were trying to console us whilst wiping our tears, perhaps after we scraped our knees saying: “Big boys and girls don’t cry…you are big now…”. May Allah bless our mothers who taught us first that… Continue reading THE SIGN OF TEARS IN ISLAM

Islamic lessons, The Act that shatters our homes

Divorce – The act That Shatters Our Homes.

One Thing About Shaitan That Every Muslim Must Know. Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) said“This world is a prison for the believers and paradise for the disbelievers “One thing about Shaitan that every Muslim must know is that, he is very patient and very clever. He conquers you at the time when you are most feeble. When he… Continue reading Divorce – The act That Shatters Our Homes.

never struck a woman or a servant

Never Struck On Women Or Servant

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Said: Never Struck a Women Or a Servant Islam was very kind to the woman. It has dropped household expenses from upon her that she doesn't afford her sons, her parents,her husband or even herself, and her husband is obliged to pay all household expenses. - Islam was very kind to… Continue reading Never Struck On Women Or Servant

the fiqh of Zakatul fitr

THE FIQH OF Zakatul Fitr

The Benefits Of Zakatul Fitr WHAT TO GIVE Handful of, preferably, the most consumed food in the community. WHEN TO GIVE On the 28th, 29th, 30th of the month of Ramadan or BEFORE the Eid prayer. WHY? To thank Allah, remove the mistake in your fast, and help the needy celebrate Eid. WHO GIVES A… Continue reading THE FIQH OF Zakatul Fitr

the opportunity of Laylatul Qadr

Laylatul Qadr, The opportunity Of It, In One Single Night, by Mufti Menk

https://youtu.be/6OP9BkiF9Ww Laylatul Qadr - 'Better than a thousand months' - don’t miss such a golden opportunity. Among the nights of Ramadan is one special night, which is better than a thousand months. Ya Allah gives us the ability to find this night.Ameen