be grateful

Be Grateful For What You Have In Your Lifetime

Are You Still Complaining About What You Have

_The qualifications that gave you a job is the same qualifications someone has, but doesn’t have a job
*Be grateful.*

The prayer Allah answered for you, is the same prayer others have been saying without success yet……._
*Be grateful.HostGator Web Hosting *

_The road you use safely on a daily basis is the same road many others died on……._
*Be grateful.*

_The place which you worship and Allah blessed you, is the same place other people worship in but their lives are still in discord & shambles……._

*Be grateful.*

_The bed you used in the hospital, got healed and discharged, is the same bed many other people died on…._
*Be grateful.*

The conditions you went through and came out alive, hundreds have gone through it this year alone and they are dead and forgotten…….
*Be grateful.*

_The same rain that made your field produce good crops, is the same rain that destroyed someone’s field…._
*Be grateful.*

_Be grateful because whatever you have is not by your power, your might, or your qualifications, but rather by the *Grace and Will of Almighty God*
*Always Be grateful.*

The fact that you can read this info be grateful. Can you see, hear, smell, taste or feel? Remember! He is the *Giver of everything* you have.

Be *Grateful* to God for all He hath done and for those yet undone?


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I try to be *always Grateful to God Almighty.* that’s why I’m sharing this with you.

If God has ever done something for you please share this to show that you *are Grateful.*


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