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Life’s Lessons quotation

Today’s Thought Of Life And Succeed

Two beggars lived in the forest, one blind, another had no legs. Forest caught fire. Man without legs could not get out. Neither could blind. Legless climbed on the back of blind. Both escaped. Mind has legs but can’t see the right direction. Heart sees but has no legs.

To be successful, you must be patient. Patience does not mean waiting and doing nothing. It means working hard as you wait, and trust that what is meant to be is coming your way.

Successful people:
Work hard
Commit to their dreams
Put all their time, energy, focus on goals
Give all they can to others
And, they never give up, never ever.

Education is about stuffing you with answers to questions you have not even asked. Learning is about asking questions because you are curious. Stay curious. Stay learning. Stay succeeding.

It is not your responsibility to change anybody in this world. You have the responsibility to change just one person in the entire universe. Who is that all important person who has created and runs your private universe? You.

Everything you need to succeed is in you.All your failures, falls and hardships have been wasted only if you have not learnt from them</img