night quotation 5

Night quotation 5

How to change your life

There is no success until you fall in love with yourself. Difficult to do when you are fascinated by someone else. Respect others. Learn from others. Just don’t compare, don’t diminish yourself in the process.

No success until you master your mind.
Focus is how you master your mind.

Most things fail because they never start.

Read aloud, now:
I seek freedom
I seek opportunity, not safety
I dream
I build
I sacrifice
I work hard
I am great
I am humble
I have faith
I am grateful
I want to show the world:
This is what I have done.

What you dwell on, you dwell in.

There is no one out there who can save you. That’s something only you can do when you realize you already have what you seek.

Your destiny doesn’t depend on something outside you.

Your forgiveness is your gift to yourself. Forgive not because the other person deserves it, but because you do.