Friday morning, Islamic lessons

*Please take part in this Du’a*

Say ameen after each
_Ya Allah don’t take
my soul away until
you are happy with
me, ﺁﻣــــــــــﻴﻦ

_Ya Allah give me a
death of a shaheed,

_Ya Allah grant me
death while I’m in
sujuud, ﺁﻣــــــــــﻴﻦ

_Ya Allah let the last
words of my life be
the Shahadah,

_Ya Allah If I die in
my sleep, let My heart
beat with your Zikr,

_Oh Allah, the
guider of the lost soul,
forgive the entire
Muslim Ummah,

_Ya Allah Forgive
my Parents, my
Family, my Muslim
Friends, ﺁﻣــــــــــﻴﻦ

_”Allahumma Ajirni
Minan Naar, Wa
As’alukal Jannat”

_Ya Allah let all I’ve
asked be equally
granted to my parent
Ya Allah.

Jummat Mubarak🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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