Friday morning, Islamic lessons

Make your pilgrimage before you get to sleep.

Talk good, in two minutes to read.
* The Messenger of Allah, peace and mercy be upon him and said: “O my son!
do these five things before you go to bed at night:
# 1. give 4,000,000 dinars as a charity, and then go to bed.
# 2.You read the entire Qur’an,

and then go to bed.
# 3. pay for the debt / cost of paradise, and then pay for it
# 4.Sign two happy people, who are angry with each other, and then go to bed.
# 5.Behold pilgrimage, then wait.
* Sayyidina Ali (R.A) said, “O servant of Allah! This is not the only thing I can do to do it. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) replied:
* recite the four-verse four surahs (4) as well as donating 4000 donations.
* reciting the surah ikhlas (qul hu’ahuh Ahad) is the same as reciting the entire Qur’an.
* The words of the word “alala” are the words “paradise”.
* Ten Astaghfirullah (10) houses fit two men who are angry with each other in their joy.
* The martyrdom of martyrdom (the consequence of the haul, the rasulullah’s word) is the same as the hajj.
* Afterwards, my ali bin (RA) said, “O Allah’s servant, now I can do all these things before I lie down.”

**** will not last five minutes, do any of these tips and then get their results. find someone who does not like the results of these services
to enter the book of his good works? reply is no.

** It would be a good thing, if you pushed it, the believers (Muslims) will be able to solve your efforts, because everyone who does a good job will not be rewarded. By permission of Allah
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Allah makes us right

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