Motivate your self before someone changed you

*HEADMASTER:* how much is passport photograph for children?

*PHOTOGRAPHER:* the price for the passport is N100 per child

*HEADMASTER:* No, the pupils are 500 in number, so we are paying N50

*PHOTOGRAPHER:* ok no problem sir, you can pay N50 each since they are many

*HEADMASTER:* class teacher go & inform the pupils that they should bring N150 each tomorrow for the passports.

*CLASS-TEACHER:* ok sir, i will inform them right away

*CLASS-TEACHER:* Good day pupils, you are all to come with N200 tomorrow for passports.

*PUPIL:* Mummy we were asked to bring N300 for passport at school

*MUMMY*: Father, your son was asked to come to sch with N500 passport fee tomorrow.

*FATHER:* OOH My God. BUHARI make things costly day by day, including education. We have said it, this man is wicked.

“`Moral lesson: ‘LET THE CHANGE BEGIN WITH YOU AND I’. Honesty and sincerity are all that we need to make this country a better place!
Pls forward this to all your friends, colleagues, groups & all Nigerians. Think about it. Change begin with YOU, change your motives and ur thought. Everything Buhari, Buhari, Buhari.

_*Thanks for being a good Nigerian


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